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Women’s Fashions and Jewelry that Enhances

Women have worn jewelry and body ornaments since the onset of recorded time but they didn’t really learn how to accessorize until the Camelot years. Jackie Kennedy set an example in high style and ever since women’s fashions and the jewelry that compliments them have been front-page news.
Each year, summer segues shyly into the blush of autumn and the fall line of women’s fashions emerges. This year the look is subtle and elegant. The colors are subdued, leaning toward jewel-toned hues, such as cranberry, onyx, aquamarine, and sapphire, with a sprinkle of amethyst for good measure. Each ensemble is enhanced by a graceful necklace, a cluster of pearls, or a glittering pair of earrings from a jewelry boutique.
Suede and faux leather take center stage for career-oriented daytime wear. However, the college crowd is even funkier and more laid-back than usual, displaying a full line-up of casual duds paired with “arm candy” bangles and bracelets in astonishing colors. As usual, the kids have their own private jewelry boutique, off-limits to anyone over the ripe old age of 20.
Black and white are as timeless as ever in the fashion parade. The dynamic duo comes alive this season, when combined with a tribal print and many shiny bracelets in colorful hues. Evening attire this tends toward crushed silk and concoctions of white voile, accented by the elegance of pearls. The little black dress is flirty this season. Ruffles and bows are quite visible, but tuxedo-style blouses and tailored power suits with customized lapels belie the feminine focus. It’s as if fashion is on the cusp, between the feminine mystique and the modern female, endeavoring to be political and not offend either side.
Today’s fashion model A model may wear g a pencil skirt and opaque tights, and don and a white poplin blazer, for a more pulled-together look. Her jewelry may be from an from an online jewelry boutique.
Wide vertical stripes are now making a comeback, as are playful little plaids. Printed trousers with short jackets are also popular this autumn, after several years on the sidelines. A beaded necklace in autumn tones with matching earrings completes an eye-catching career-woman ensemble.
Heels are very high this year, and handbags are roomy. Fashion models are now teasing us with glimpses of long sweaters, wraparound skirts, and dresses with shorter hemlines, worn with boots(Oops!).
Fashion has always been advertised, promoted, and publicized, but in today’s world, even weather, crime, and politics take a back seat to fashion trends and the women who make them.

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