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Tips for Impressing a First Date


First impressions matter. This is especially the case when meeting a date for the first time. Everything you do– from your looks, mannerisms and everything you say– will have an effect on whether or not that first date will likely lead to a second. How does one go about impressing their first date? Let’s cover a few basic tips.

Dress the Part

It doesn’t take expensive clothing or workouts to impress a date. One basic requirement for impressing a date when it comes to looks consists of one rule: Stay neat and clean. Take care for what you wear, but don’t overdress. Make sure your clothes are clean and tidy. The same goes for your hair and bathing habits. Presenting yourself as clean and neat is a must.

Be Yourself

The first rule of thumb to meeting a new date is to always be yourself. Watch what you do and say, but don’t hesitate to let your date see who you really are. Be respectful, be courteous and be cautious without losing yourself along the way. Try not to be too nervous. Remember that most men and women are attracted to confidence, so don’t be afraid to let a bit shine while keeping it in check at the same time.

Location, Location, Location

If choosing the location for the date is in your hands, make sure to choose a date venue that makes sense for both of your personalities. Don’t talk your date into a sporting event if he/she is not interested in sports. Also be sure to choose a neutral location that gives you both room to get to know one another while reducing those first date jitters. If ever in doubt, some good locations include the movie theater, the musical theater, a concert or a restaurant. If you’re in Boston, Boston private dining is one solid option.

Always Be Mindful

One of the best qualities to have when playing the dating game is to always remain mindful of both your actions and your prospective partner’s. If your date ever seems disinterested or bored, you may need to change your tactics. Don’t hog conversations. Don’t forget to ask questions that make you seem interested, but be careful not to come off as too nosy. Watch your body language and mannerisms. Sometimes it’s best to watch the body language of your partner and react accordingly instead of the other way around.

Whether you take your date to the latest movie release or to a Boston private dining venue, you will find that with a little care and some preparation, you can help impress your date. Dating isn’t easy, but it pays to do your homework.

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