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Shaving 101


We are all human, and have hair in places we might not want it. Therefore shaving is going to come in handy. Follow these shaving tips for men and be ahead of the crowd. Although it may not seem so, shaving is an art. And just like any art proper technique and practice can make you a great shaver. In order to achieve optimal shaving results first thing is to prepare. This is important to soften your beard and provide protection for your skin. Consider shaving after a hot shower so the heat can loosen up the hairs and pores on your face. Using pre-shave oil is a great idea so your face is better protected and so that the razor can glide more smoothly over your skin. In order to achieve optimal shaving results second thing is to lather up. This is vital for you to get a close and comfortable shave. Put some shaving cream in your dish and swish around your brush before applying the lathered brush to your face. In order to achieve optimal shaving results third thing is to shave with proper technique using a razor that has a good handle. Make sure you dip your razor in hot water to clean it off after every stroke. First shave with the grain of your hair applying gentle pressure. Then, for a closer shave, shave against the grain of your hair. Keep in mind that hairs can grow in all sorts of different directions. In order to achieve optimal shaving results last thing is to remember to moisturize. Remembering to moisturize is vital in order to revitalize and help soothe rough and dry skin. When you are completely done shaving, thoroughly wash your face with cold water and pat dry.

Apply after-shave balm or cream which can have ingredients such as shea butter or jojoba oil that helps sooth skin. Keep these tips in mind and always have a great shave. But, let’s not get too carried away. Men aren’t the only ones who have to shave. Women usually find themselves shaving as well. Usually under their armpits and on their legs. First, women should avoid using male razors. Forget about trying to be all equal. They are just not simply designed for a woman’s body and can cause more cuts. Second, make sure you get the right angle when shaving. Like mentioned above, hairs can grow in all sorts of directions. Long and even upward strokes are good for shaving legs. Third, make sure you are using sharp blades. Sharp razor blades are going to help you get a closer shave. Throw out used blades after every few uses to ensure you are using a sharp blade. Fourth, don’t think about sharing your razor with someone else. This is a hygiene faux pas because you can spread disease and infection. Finally, make sure you go easy on the products. If you are needing to shave your underarm, consider doing it at night so it has time to heal before putting deodorant on the next morning. Whether you are male or female, follow these tips for a great shave!

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