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Setting Up A Trust Fund


Sometimes a person’s intention to set up a legal trust is more trouble than the trust is legally worth.

If a person sets up an irrevocable trust and the family would like to have the trust legally terminated, they may have a possible legal outlet. This legal outlet is called a bypass trust.

Long ago, people loved to draw up a legal trust. With the new tax laws that have passed in the year of 2013, trusts may just not be worth the legal expense. Now a legal trust that people set up to save money on their taxes, may even make the individuals pay more tax penalties. In this legal type situation, such as a bypass trust, an individual may wish to have their trust reversed and given the new tax laws that Congress passed, one could understand why.

When a primary spouse dies, his assets may then be placed in a trust. The wife of the primary spouse may have access to the husband’s estate earnings and if she needed it, the principal as well. If the widow dies, however, the primary spouse’s assets surpass the widow’s estate and then the legal trust and the primary spouse’s assets and his trust will go directly to all of the surviving children. The legality here is to sustain the primary spouse’s legal exemptions from the interlocutory taxes on his estate.

Congress has passed laws that legally and temporarily increased exemptions and in January of the new year made the estate exemptions permanent and has marked the estate exemptions for increased inflation. So with these new laws passed by Congress, a marital couple can legally shield a combination of the marital assets of approximately $11 million from federal taxes or their estate without implementing a bypass trust on the irrevocable trust of the primary spouse. If a couple would like to have some legal protection and have less than $5.25 million, they may be able to save money by implementing a legal trust. A good Trusts Attorney St Louis would be able to offer legal professional advice to any individuals that may be interested in setting up a trust or revoking one.

There are some legal warnings to look into before a individual begins to terminate a bypass trust. The individual must speak to a certified public accountant and a very good Trusts Attorney St Louis. These two individuals would be able to decide whether it would be to the person or couple’s legal advantage based upon the tax laws of St Louis and any pending inheritance taxes.

Therefore, if a person would like to set up a legal trust or if they are thinking about attempting to revoke an irrevocable trust, please feel free to consult with an experienced lawyer that specializes in trusts and estates.

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