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Services Orthodontists Offer

Services Orthodontists Offer

Orthodontics is the largest specialty field in dentistry. Orthodontists in Baton Rouge analyze and treat malocclusions that result in improper bites, which are caused by upper and lower teeth not in alignment. Malocclusions also result from irregular alignments in jaw structure.

The history of aligning teeth dates back to 400 BC, where medical records document physicians pondering how to straighten teeth. However, it wasn’t until the mid-1800s, when dental hygiene became more common, that those with malocclusions complained to their dentists about the difficulty of brushing crooked teeth. As a result, they remained subject to tooth decay and gum infections. Thus, the realization of the concept of using braces to straighten crooked teeth became a priority.

By the late nineteenth century, orthodontics began to gain inroads into the dental profession.
On the spectrum of problems, which Orthodontists in Baton Rouge treat, are malocclusions like crowded teeth. This happens when teeth erupt that are too large for the space a jaw offers, thus they overlap.
Then, the opposite may occur. Teeth that are too small for the jaw erupt and leave gaps between the teeth.
On the spectrum, the “bite syndromes” also take their positions. The “cross bite”, when the top teeth fit inside the bottom teeth, and the “open bite” where, the upper and lower teeth don’t touch, when biting.
Finally, the list includes the “over bite,” when the upper teeth cover the bottom teeth, and the “under bite” where the lower teeth protrude in front of the upper teeth.
Then, at times, the orthodontist may do corrective jaw surgery, which corrects bone structure in a patients face.
Psychology, too, has a role in orthodontics. Often, a patient has more than one desire. For example, in order to have a more pleasing smile they may want their teeth straightened, or they may want some other specific improvement in their facial appearance. This goes along with wanting to chew better and swallow easier. Thus, it’s necessary the orthodontist and patient agree on a plan that corrects the problem, and the result pleases the patient.
Whether it’s an adult or a child, most everybody who is self-conscious about how they look wants a more pleasing appearance.
Orthodontists in Baton Rouge recommend early diagnosis and treatment of problems, in order to prevent more serious complications later on. They recommend examinations begin at about age seven when permanent teeth begin to erupt. Early examinations can disclose impending problems, before they require extensive treatment. Treatments generally begin around the age of ten or twelve, and the recorded information and x-rays from the earlier examination helps in planning treatment.
Most orthodontic treatment plans average 1-3 years.

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