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Replacing the Windows in Your Home

In the United States, energy loss within the average home can be approximately 25% of the annual heating and cooling costs within the average home. This energy loss can be directly attributed to the windows within are homes. In Wichita, Kansas, there is frequently extreme weather in both the winter and the autumn months such as snow storms, thunderstorms, high winds and tornadoes. You need to protect yourself as well as your family and your pocketbook. Old windows can really hurt your energy bill and cause a fiscal crisis when one of the windows breaks. One way to safeguard your bottom is to invest in double pane windows and have them installed by a reputable window company such as Window Installers Wichita. You will reap more benefits in the long run, and have more peace of mind.


Installing double pane windows in your home is not only smart and practical, they also do their part in protecting the environment. They are made of energy efficient materials
which means through the reduction of energy usage, less fossil fuels fuels are burned to create energy, and fewer greenhouse gases are emitted into the atmosphere. They also insulate your home from sometimes deafening noise pollution coming from the outside environment. You will enjoy peace and quiet especially in bustling metropolitan areas such as Houston.

One of the most beneficial reasons to install double pane windows is the money you will save on your energy bill! You will save a significant amount of your hand earned money in energy costs. Energy use in the hot climates during those blistering humid days of the summer months can be cut by up to 18% when compared to single pane windows.


You can not buy just one window, they all need to be replaced to maximize the energy savings. Any old window that is not replaced may be prone to air leaks and cause temperature differences in a house to occur. Homeowners end up spending money
rather than saving it.

The quality of the windows is extremely important. Windows that have been made with below standard materials will negate the energy savings you were hoping to receive.
They need to be installed appropriately for the windows to function properly.

The cost of the windows and their installation can be pricy. Homeowners can expect to pay about $600 on, average , per window. When you compare what it costs to repair your windows to the money you will save on your energy bills each month, the initial investment is well worth it in the long run. You will make your money back in a few years.

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