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Refurnishing Your Home

So you are wanting to refurnish your home. Keep in mind some of the following tips for a successful project. The first step to any project in your home is to plan. Figure out what room you are going to work with. Measure the room so you know exactly how much room you have to work with. You may even want to draw up a plan of the room and where you want to put different pieces of furniture.

Something that may seem small and perhaps insignificant is knowing where the outlets and any doorways, windows, or fireplaces are located. Why you might ask? You need to know where you can place furniture, if a couch you love can only fit right over an outlet, then that outlet may be out of commission and you need to be okay with that. Also make sure you know the size of the doorframe you need to bring the furniture into if it is an enclosed space versus an open concept. You definitely don’t want to show up to a store and have to guess on anything. This is the last thing you want to do. This provides unnecessary stress for you as you want to refurnish your space.

Another reason why notes are important is because often times you are in a large warehouse or showroom looking at furniture. It is hard to understand the real size of the furniture or how it will look in your room since it is in a room that is so much larger than what you have in your home. By having some notes you can know for sure what will fit and how it’ll look inside your room. You don’t want to buy furniture and then realize later on that it won’t fit in the space and then you are stuck.

In addition to notes on the size of your room, perhaps consider bringing in pictures of the space. That way design team members in the stores can help you choose what they think will fit best in your space. Or give you helpful tips on other ways to decorate the room. They will know what pieces of furniture will fit best where, or give some good insight on color choices and fabric choices. Chances are you aren’t a designer and need help visualizing the room.

Someone who is more professional in that regard, can help you can find great pieces. Once you figure out your larger pieces, get those into place and then figure out if there are other smaller spaces in the room leftover that need to be considered. Crowley Furniture has a great inventory. Keep in mind that you don’t need to have a large budget in order to refurnish your home or a smaller space within your home. You may even consider buying some antiques and then giving them some love and attention to make them into something new. A great motto to live by in order to save money in these projects is “re-buy, re-use, re-purpose.”

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