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Pros and Cons of Renting Storage Unit

If you would like to rent a unit for¬†storage in ¬†Santa Fe, it is a good idea to know the pros and cons. For many people renting a storage unit offers a convenient place to store additional belongings when: downsizing a home, moving to a new home or after a loved one has passed and there is more property that needs to be stored. You can access to more space immediately for all of life’s unexpected circumstances with a storage unit. It can help make a major life transition smoother and easier to get through.

The con of renting storage units is that you can end up having a great deal of belongings in storage that are not conveniently accessible. You can begin to keep storing more things and you can forget what you have in storage and be paying for extra space for things you may not even want to keep anymore. Renting a storage unit is best for short term needs.

If you find that you are storing items long term in a storage unit, it is a good idea to start reorganizing the space in your home. Managing the space in your home more effectively will allow you to store more of your belongings in your home instead of an offsite storage space. Additionally, if you realize that you are storing many items that you would like to sell, but keep putting off, then it is important to understand that your items may be losing value faster than the amount of money you are paying for storage rent every month. Monthly a storage unit can cost anywhere between $50 and $200 a month depending on the size of the space.

To make your storage unit temporary, take the time to sell any unwanted items with a garage or yard sale. You can post an ad in a local paper, on the internet, or post fliers in your neighborhood. Spend a Saturday selling your belongings. Another option is turning to consignment stores. They can help you still get some money for your belongings without requiring a large time commitment on your end. If you decide that you would rather not hold a yard sale after all, another great option is to simply donate your unwanted belongings to a local community shelter. To save money, you can even ask for an itemized receipt for tax deduction purposes when you donate goods.

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