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Maximizing small spaces through interior decorating

Maximizing small spaces through interior decorating

We have all had the experience of moving into a place that is a tad bit smaller than we imagined. Especially once you get some furniture into the space, it can seem like your apartment or home is shrinking. However, you don’t have to clutter up the space to fit your favorite things in. Instead, there are tricks to helping make small spaces look bigger and making the best use out of the space provided. Here are some tips we have found helpful in maximizing small spaces.

Living room. If you are dealing with a small living room, make sure to take advantage of lighting. If you have windows, let in all of the natural light. Don’t block it out with big curtains. If you don’t have windows, add in lighting with lamps on a side table or in a corner.

Paint the walls in a light color. Painting dark colors make the room feel smaller and more confined. Try light beige or light blue.

Decorate simply. Don’t clutter the walls with tons of pictures and artwork. Choose main pieces that will accent the rest of the room and make the wall seem bigger.

Kitchen. Use your drawers to store as much as possible. If you don’t have a pantry or drawers, go buy one if you have room to fit it. This will help your kitchen look less cluttered and give you more storage space for all of your cutlery and dishes.

Keep your counters empty. If you have a small kitchen, don’t fill up your counter space with decorations or appliances.  You need this space for cooking and keeping it empty will help it look clean.

Bedroom. With a small bedroom, try getting a smaller bed frame. If you are married, you will want a Queen size bed. King-sized beds are big and take up tons of space. Use the area underneath your bed for storage to keep everything else open and clean.

Put a mirror up in your room. Whether it is above your bed or on a wall, it will help the space look bigger and is a good accent to your room.

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