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Living the Lifestyle of the Rich and Famous

big mansion

The rich and famous live in what seems to be an entirely different plane than the rest of us like Santa Monica CA Real Estate. Their hair is cut by professionals that charge about what a middle class family would pay for their months’ worth of groceries. They wear clothes handpicked from runway fashion shows and traveling back and forth across the world is as natural to them as an average Joe’s commute from home to work and back on a daily basis. And the most fantastical way the rich and famous get to live their lives is in their amazingly large and decadent homes.

Mansions are the norm for those with the funds to purchase them. A mansion is a home with extensive floor space. Mansion’s generally boast 8,000 plus square feet. However, there are now home built that are referred to as mini-mansions, which have almost identical layouts and amenities as mansions just at a decreased square footage, starting around 3000 square feet and up. So first and foremost the rich and famous live large in large homes. These homes have a multitude of bedrooms and recreational spaces. A popular new room, some might even argue that this type of room has come to take over the traditional ballroom in most “mansions, is a room called a screening room which holds a large viewing screen, most being a size that is comparable to movie theatre screens, and comfortable seating. This type of room has gained in popularity and many people who exist in the middle class have found ways to create their own screening rooms, generally on a smaller scale.

These homes will almost always undoubtedly boast large pools or spa areas. Regular kidney shape or rectangular pools aren’t often found on the grounds of a mansion. These pool areas tend to be elaborate with recreations of “nature” pools with faux or real rocks all around the pool. Some will avoid the natural route and go for the Olympic sized pools but there will almost always be a large outdoor recreational area. If there is no pool the recreational area may consist of a tennis court, basketball courts, volleyball court, or some kind of sporting area.

The rich and famous also love their cars. Most indulge in the more upscale and elite vehicles whereas others fell they must go the extra mile and create custom vehicles that can end up costing in the six figures. Most of the upper financial echelon will have very large and well maintained garages for the storage of their vehicles. And that maintenance will be carried out by hired help. There are virtually no wealthy members of society that own large homes and multiple vehicles that do not also employ professional cleaners and mechanics, etc. to keep their home and vehicles pristine. It would be extremely hard to keep all of the spaces and properties up to par without any help.

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