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Injured An Accident? Here’s How To Regain Your Life


Generally, at some point in a person’s life, they will experience a motor vehicle collision. Even if they do not sustain injuries or there were no injuries to any of the parties of record, there are still certain accident protocols that should or should not be followed.

Anytime someone gets into a motor vehicle collision, they will always benefit from the collision by consulting with an attorney that specializes in car accidents and personal injury law.

A person should always remain at the accident scene until law enforcement actually tells them that they can leave the scene. If the motor vehicle collision creates person injuries from the parties of record or substantial property damage, the person should always use extreme caution when documenting the scene or video taping the accident scene or vehicle damage. When a person leaves the scene of an accident, it would resort in several criminal sanctions and the person that left the accident scene may also be charged with criminal charges from the district attorney’s office.

A person should never move an injured accident victim from an accident scene. The accident victim could have severe injuries such as head trauma, a broken neck or cervical subluxation, mid-back or low-back injuries to their thoracic cavities or lumbar regions, a severed femoral artery on their lower extremities, several fractures of the lower extremities, severe road rash from sliding all over the road and its debris, severe contusions or lacerations that could be deadly if not treated promptly or any other type of internal injuries, such as a lacerated liver or spleen. These types of injuries are life threatening and an emergency room physician needs to treat them.

If a person at the accident scene knows CPR or are trained in first aid treatments they can attempt to help the injured victims but they should not move the injured victims at any point and time. They could attempt to comfort them, hold their hands, or hold pressure to their open wounds so they do not bleed out but under no circumstances should the injured accident victims be moved except by EMS or a trained and certified paramedic. Any other witness or accident victim that was not hurt could call 911 emergency services or the police station and actually report the accident. They could inform the 911 operator or the police dispatch services of how many accident victims that there were and how many was actually injured at the scene. They could also inform the EMS or police dispatch if EMS and the fire department staff members should respond to the accident scene. After the 911 or police dispatch call, they could turn their emergency flashers or emergency blinkers on so that the oncoming traffic may be warned about the accident scene.

A person involved in an accident should always obtain the other driver’s or parties name, address, drivers license number, insurance information and license plate number. They should also obtain the witnesses name, address, and telephone number. The police officer’s name, business card and incident number must be obtained as well. The accident victim’s should know the location and take very good accident notes and notes about the accident scene.

A person should never admit fault at any point and time and they should see a medical physician about their injuries immediately following the accident. They could have injuries that they can not feel due to shock or cervical subluxation that can’t be diagnosed right away. A good personal injury lawyer would be able to advise them of their legal rights.

If a person has been in an accident in the Las Vegas, NV area and they have been injured, please give a personal injury lawyer in your area a call as soon as possible because the law limits the time that you have to bring a civil litigation case to regain monetary damages that you may have lost due to lost wages, medical bills, and pain and suffering. You can regain your life back with the help of a very good personal injury lawyer on your side.

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