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How to Kick an Addiction

Whatever addiction you face, there is hope and advice on how to kick it effectively.

First, acknowledge the purpose of your particular addiction. Make sure you can verbalize why you are really doing the addictive behavior. For instance, you aren’t drinking excessively simply because you are thirsty but perhaps because you like how it leaves you feeling numb. Or you aren’t exercising four hours per day to waste time, but because the endorphins leave you with a high feeling. You need to be able to verbalize the underlying reasons to your addiction in order to be able to kick it.

Second, make sure you are thinking rationally and aren’t in denial. Recognize that you have an issue and that you need to deal with it. If this is difficult for you to admit, ask others for assistance in helping you.

Third, try using alternative coping skills rather than the addictive behavior to deal with the underlying behavior you discovered in step one. Typically people don’t break bad habits by getting rid of them completely, they simply supplement it with something else, a new habit so to speak. Perhaps instead of reaching for the alcohol to numb away your feelings, lay down on the couch and relax by taking in some deep breaths and practice some meditation techniques.

Fourth, it is important to understand your danger zones or possible triggers. Perhaps you are more prone to your addiction at a specific time of day. If that is the case, try to make sure you are busy with something else during that particular time of day in order to get your mind focused on something more positive. Something to keep in mind, is that if you can overcome the first few minutes of the impulse, chances are the impulse will go away. If you are tempted to smoke during a break at work, take the time instead to go on a walk around the block. The fresh air will do your body more good in the long run and give you a burst of energy needed to finish out your work day.

Fifth, it is important to make lifestyle changes where needed in order to kick your addiction. The best way to overcome an addiction is not through willpower, it is through programming yourself differently. If you are a chain smoker, don’t carry cash for cigarettes. If you are an alcoholic, remove all alcohol from your home so there’s no temptation. This may mean that you need to stop visiting certain places where you indulge in your addiction, or even stop associating with certain people who bring out the worse in you.

Overall, by making lifestyle changes you will be better able to kick whatever addiction you face. Lastly, be accountable and have a support system. Nobody can easily kick an addiction on their own. Make sure you have a good team that is able to help and assist you as needed. If you find you need additional help, perhaps look into a treatment program such as Florida Drug Treatment as a more professional solution for getting help.

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