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Hiring a Body Guard

Some people seek protection, which is where hiring a body guard comes into play. Whether they are a high ranked official, a public figure, an actor or musical artist, or anything else that would require them protection – more often than not, the need for a body guard stems from what someone does for a living. Of course, being a well known individual is not a prerequisite for hiring a body guard. Sometimes, body guards work for someone under a short term, contractual agreement. This means that they are meant to only work for a designated and agreed upon amount of time. Afterwards, they are free to pursue other clientele.

For those who are looking to hire a body guard, one of the first questions to cross their mind may be how they can go about finding a proper body guard for the job. After all, it is unlikely that you can just flip through the phone book and expect to find the most reputable company. At least, in most towns this is applicable. Most smaller, or rural areas (including states), will be near devoid of the possibility of hiring a professional service. Even if a “body guard” can be hired in such an area, they may not hold to themselves the same strict policies and training that those top trained security guard companies can otherwise provide.

There are some important things to know about hiring a body guard, before looking into a security guard or personal body guard company. Only the best body guards are trained for emergency situations and are also prepared to be as non-intrusive into your personal life as they can possibly be. Body guards of this caliber are meant to be extremely low profile and possess the ability to, not only stay on guard at all times, but to also spot situations that may arise and react accordingly and in a timely manner.

There are two main types of body guards, when it comes to working with the public on an individual basis. There is an “executive protection” type (or EP) and something called “talent security,” which are meant for high profiled individuals, such as music and movie stars. The executive protection body guard is meant more for dignitaries, politicians, and anyone else with a high profile who do not work in the entertainment industry. They are also the most commonly parodied or prominent type of security that you tend to see in movies, since they are usually dressed on screen in all black with sunglasses and a wire sticking out of their ear.

These personal body guards also go by many names, besides just the title of body or security guard. This is usually dependent upon the country, but a few other names include executive protection, protective services, personal security, and personal protection. Whichever way it is worded, the rates are dependent upon the duration of the job to be done, whether or not it is hourly or paid by the day, along with a many number of other factors that sway the numbers to be paid.


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