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Harmful Effects Of Soda


Have you taken a look at the food guide pyramid lately? Nowhere on the pyramid does it suggest that you consume soda. While it may taste delicious, soda can be one of the most harmful things you ingest into your body. It will go into your bloodstream, and will be distributed to your cells. It can easily destroy the density of your bones, causing osteoporosis to set in at a younger age. It will also strip your teeth of enamel, making them vulnerable to cavities. It also causes stains on the teeth, and can cause them to look yellow. Soda is not good for you, and there are so many harmful effects related to soda that the best thing you can do is give it up entirely.

Recently the National Institute of Health and Fitness has found that soda is related to a number of health concerns from obesity to kidney damage, heart disease, strokes, and cancer. Regular consumption of soft drinks have landed many people in the hospital with high blood pressure along with other concerns. Soda is filled with a lot of sugar, which leads to obesity concerns for many people. It is not hard for you to end up with a fatty midsection thanks to soda.

Several medical studies done on soda show that daily consumption leads to a 48% increase in heart attacks and strokes. The obesity epidemic in America continues to increase health care costs and it does have many doctors concerned. How can they get their patients to truly understand how bad soda is and how a lack of daily exercise can reduce their lifespan? Here are some of the main concerns that soda consumption is causing:

  • Kidney problems. This is a serious issue as many people are unable to receive kidney transplants. Cola is associated with an increased risk of kidney failures, by over two times the regular amount. In women, it is even more concerning as the risk factor goes up if you consume more than two sodas a day. Diet colas are the worst problem associated with kidney failure.
  • Metabolism concerns. Several studies done on daily soda consumption show that there is a 34% higher risk of dealing with metabolic syndrome. This means people often see more belly fat, higher cholesterol, and higher blood pressure. Higher belly fat is a warning sign for many heart disease problems and is linked to a number of different types of cancer.
  • Obesity. There are many people that drink diet soda as they think the zero calorie label shows they will be just fine. The problem is the artificial sweeteners in the diet sodas are just as bad for you. The more diet soda a person drinks, the higher the risk of obesity. In fact there is a 500% increase of your waistline by drinking two or more cans of diet soda.

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