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Hardwood Floors Or Carpet?


When it comes to a choice between having a hardwood floor and covering it with a carpet, the choices are wide and varied. Carpets help preserve your floor especially in places where you have high traffic. The allure of a well-polished wooden floor is hard to resist. For most people, you may be torn in between. It is therefore fair to have a piece of each. Have a carpet that covers certain portions of your floor and leave the other bit bare for aesthetic appeal. Before you make up your mind on whether to have carpet or hardwood floor, here are a few things worth noting:


The moment you step into a house, the first thing you will notice is the carpet on the floor. This is also the case with other people. The focus then moves to other areas of the floor before checking out windows or furniture. That is why you should pay special attention to how you accessorize the floor. Even before you lay any carpets, the floor has to look good. Hardwood floors should be cleaned and polished on a regular basis. This helps bring out the natural look of wood.


It feels good to walk on a carpeted floor. Nothing beats the welcoming feeling of walking barefoot on a thick carpet. Besides, it is possible to acquire carpeting material that blends with the color of your furniture or that of the painted walls. Some carpets are quite expensive giving your home a feel of touch.

Cleaning and maintenance

Both flooring materials require a great deal of work to keep them in mint condition. Take the hardwood floor for instance. You will need to sand and polish it. That means your family members will have to keep off the room in question for a while. When it comes to carpets, sweeping and vacuuming is not sufficient. There is some dirt that hides deep the fabric. You need to call in commercial carpet cleaners. Professional cleaning of carpets is necessary in order to eliminate odor, remove stains and fur from pets.


A hardwood floor may seem like an expensive undertaking. Even though it is, you can get cheaper options depending on what your budget is. The same can be said of carpets. Hand-woven carpets are more expensive in comparison to those made by machine. A visit to a carpet Tempe AZ outlet can give you insights on the kind of carpets available in the market as well as their cost.

As you can see from the above, it is not easy to separate carpets from hardwood floors. You will need a little bit of each. You can also choose to go the extreme way of having either the plain floor or fully cover it up with a carpet.


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