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Fun Dates

hipster picnic

No matter what age you are, a good date will always be appreciated. So plan it out to impress and excite your love interest. Even if the person is only a friend, you can make this day fun and memorable for both of you so that it is not a waste of time and money. Here are some ideas and things to do on your next date to remember.

A Walk To Remember

It can be fun to take your cues from classic movies. One that is a perfect redo is “A Walk To Remember,” starring Mandy Moore. Though the movie ends sadly, your date can be purely romantic. Make a list of things to do before the night is out, similar to Landon’s bucket list in the film. Then do as many things as you can. You can simply use items from the movie, like get a fake tattoo, or be in two places at once. Prepare so that your date does not have to think of things on the spot. But allow for creativity and changing of the rules if he or she is up for it. This can make it more exciting and tailored to your relationship.

Scavenger Hunt

Prepare a scavenger hunt for any setting. Take your date to the fair or to Downtown Disney. Then print out a list of things to do online or make one up. If you make it a group date, this can be even more fun, as you compete with your date against the others. This helps you get to know how much fun they can be while remaining entertaining. You can make it a photo hunt by equipping each group with a camera, which is easy these days with cell phones. Then you can simply make a Facebook album after the fact. This saves the amazing date forever.

Special Picnic

Everybody loves a good picnic. Pack some food in a basket and take it somewhere exotic for a day that he or she will never forget. This is another one that you can turn into a group date or leave as a single. Take your partner up in a hot air balloon ride or have the picnic on the trolley. Just make sure that wherever you plan to do it, you can bring food. You can go to the zoo and find a pretty spot in the sunlight or go downtown and throw it down in the pavilion. With a little bit of thought and preparation you can certainly make this a date to remember.

Become the person that every guy or gal wants to spend time with by getting imaginative and letting loose. Think outside the box for a special day with loved ones or friends.  To impress your date hire a Kansas City Limo Service to pick them up. Nothing says style quite like a limo!

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