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Finding Your Perfect Vacation Home

The family vacation gives us one of the most important treasures in our collection: a happy memory of a time spent with the ones we love the most. With a little foresight and determination it is possible to make all your fondest wishes come true. When planning your family’s next get away you must first decide on the destination. Whether it is Boston, MA, Durham, NC, Edwards, CO; or somewhere like London, Spain or even Hong Kong, Leverage Global Real Estate can find you the place you’ve been dreaming of.
First things first: decide on the where you want to spend your vacation. Whether a beach, city scape or theme park, you should narrow it down to a certain area to begin your search.
Now, setting a budget comes into play. Be sure there is enough money in your budget not only for your rental but for entertainment during your stay. When you are hunting for the perfect vacation rental, have the total amount you wish to pay in mind and let your broker know so he has a starting point.
Begin searching for the rental that fits your qualifications. Take as many online tours of available properties and take note of all details and amenities each offer. Find out the rental has linen, dishes, cookware and appliances to use while staying. Look at reviews written by clients who have rented the properties. Take the time to check references and contact property managers to discuss questions you may have.
Don’t be afraid to negotiate. Many owners would prefer to give a discount if it means not renting their property at all. Even if you’re planning the trip only a week or two out, the owner may be willing to accommodate you.
Ask about the total price. You may have to pay a security deposit or cleaning fee upon arrival at your rental. There may also be a fee for parking or an association fee for grounds keeping and swimming pool maintenance. Find out when and if these costs are due.
Investigate the neighborhood. Search for grocery stores, restaurants, pharmacies as well as hot spots and historical sites nearby. Make sure you have had any required travelers vaccinations if traveling out of the country.
After choosing your rental, get it in writing. The document should clearly spell out how long the rental is for, all the costs, including rental and fees, rules with regards to the premises, cancellation practices and check-in and check-out policies.
Keep in mind that wherever you decide to stay, renting a vacation home is usually less expansive that staying in a hotel. You can cook your own meals to keep the costs low and end up spending more time enjoying your family.

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