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Finding The Right Divorce Attorney


The divorce process can be both time consuming and emotionally taxing. Not to mention the financial issues that arise from it. One of the best choices to make at the start to allow the process to be at least somewhat smoother is consulting and finding the right attorney. Get as much information as possible, and consult with more than one attorney before making a choice, finding the best fit. You’ll need a good working relationship with your attorney, in addition to trust, because you’ll be dealing with them for months. Along with this idea, here are three more key tips and considerations in finding the right attorney:

Cost Consideration
In the United States, the average cost of divorce is $15,000. Depending on experience and reputation, a divorce attorney may typically charge $300-$500 an hour in major metro areas. If your spouse is likely to go for a heavy-hitter, you need to hire one that can match up quite evenly. Find out the attorney’s retainer fee and keep a realistic idea of affordability in mind. Some attorneys offer a reduced or no-cost consult, usually if they need to attract clients. Otherwise, a consultation will usually be charged as a one hour session. Remember this since we’ve suggested that you look at multiple options in the hunt for a divorce attorney.

Keep The Search A Secret
Until you have knowledge of your rights and obligations, do not tell your spouse about your search for an attorney. If they are alerted and aware of such activity, they may stop paying bills, siphon joint funds in anticipation, or move money into a personal account.

Make The Most of Consultation
It is important for the attorney to learn details of the marriage. This includes children, income, assets, etc. Based on such information and your objectives, the attorney should be able to discuss realistic expectations as far as the divorce and your goals. Communication is important so take note of how the attorney listens. While they are not a therapist, you should be comfortable discussing details of your marriage, such as fears and concerns.

Divorce can be a life changing event, not just for the couple involved but for families, especially children. In an already sensitive situation, it’s important to make the best choices, including the right attorney. Remember to get as much information as possible, even referrals through family or friends. Also, consider cost in your search since divorce can be quite expensive. Finally, make the most of consultation with attorneys, opening the way for better handling of the situation. For more information, advice and tips involving legal issues click here.

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