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Finding a Great Shaving Cream for the Perfect Shave

One of the most important parts to achieving the closest shave is to have the right tools available which includes; the pre-shave oils, the shaving creams, the razor and the after-shaves. Other than the sharp razor, it is important to have the best shaving cream available. The right shaving cream will protect your face against the razor; it also prepares and allows for the closest shave possible. The Art of Shaving store has the right products, with the right ingredients for the best mens shave cream available;

Shaving Creams, at The Art of Shaving store there are travel sized and regular sized containers. With which shaving cream best fits your comfort and preference be sure to always shave after a shower or during a shower with hot water. Just by using the small amount massage the shaving cream into your face while using a shaving brush. Here are the different kinds available at The Art of Shaving store:

  • The scents available are; unscented, sandalwood essential oil, lemon essential oil, lavender essential oil and ocean kelp.
    • Unscented- exactly how it reads. If a basic no fuss cream is desired this is the best option available
    • Sandalwood essential oil- has a sweet, rich and woody fragrance. This essential oil is great for skin issues like dry skin, chapped skin and acne.
    • Lemon essential oil- this citrus scent can be very uplifting and energizing, lemon oil is good for skin that is oily and prone to blemishes.
    • Lavender essential oil- is a nice calming and relaxing scent, the lavender oil is good for having a calming effect on skin irritants and blemishes. It is also known to be a good oil to help aid cell repair.
  • Sizes of creams available are, 5 oz., 1.5 oz., and 2.5 oz.
  • All of the shaving creams available can be used by either finger tips or applied with a brush. A brush is recommended for the best lather and use of the product.

Like before mentioned to get the best out of the shaving cream it is best to apply it with a brush. The Art of Shaving store has multiple options available; the brushes are made from badger hair most coming in different grade options; pure, fine and silvertip. The brushes come in different handles options, black, ivory, chrome and horn. Some of which are able to customized by being engraved. By using a brush you will get a better use of water, which means a better lather. The bristles of the brush will also help lift and prepare the hair to be shaved.

Store the shaving brush on a stand to allow time to completely dry between uses. There are stand options available to both hold the brush and to also hold a razor, depending on what razor you use.

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