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Fan of TV? Here’s a Few Things You Can Do To Show It

Style icons come from surprising places these days. Even unknown college students or tweens with Tumblr’s can start trends and revolutionize the scene. The internet is lightning quick to catch on and spread the fire. New Fashion Blogs and Shows pop up every day, across the globe. Mediums’ for discovery are still predictable however, i.e. Television. Tv and fashion are inseparable with top sitcoms influencing generation after generation of viewers. The trickle down of television and internet haute couture to the masses of normal hard working folk is done by shopping malls, online stores, magazines, even Halloween can make something famous, bringing one article of clothing one person wore to the attention of many.


This Halloween was a huge success for Cable and Satellite shows displaying new focus pieces, such as the Workaholics Bear Coat, many shoppers flocked to costume stores and online boutiques to find the breakaway shows’ easily identified unofficial costume. The Workaholics Bear Coat is one worn by main character ‘Blake’ regularly throughout each season. The seamless transition from what a Television Actor wore to what your friend wore last night at the party, could not have been done better.
Workaholics has become an overnight success from Comedy Central Television Station, premiering in 2011 the show has produced 3 seasons thus far with a 4th and 5th season in the works. The target audience is pleased! The abstract of the Workaholics show is friend-family goofs by old college comrades who share a home and telecom employer, often partaking in workplace shenanigans and habitual partying. With a constant shared environment the group gets into plenty of trouble together, it has been compared to other goofy trio comedies such as Cartoon Networks’ Ed Edd and Edd’y. This internationally broadcast takeoff is set in Rancho Cucamonga, California, staring Blake Anderson, Adam Devine, and Anders (Ders) Holm. Combined, the actors also form the separate sketch comedy group Mail Order Comedy. Discovered by a Comedy Central Executive Walter Newman, Workaholics was debut after a Roast of Donald Trump in March of 2011. Mail Order Comedy became a production company after the groups’ established CC success.
Hollywood has been known to find gems in the rough like Blake, Adam and Anders. They seem like normal guys and yet every primetime TV viewer knows their name and would recognize them on the street. Comedy Central is not always the front runner in producing style icons, and its stars are not always top of the best dressed list, but it would be ill advised to count them out as contributors to fashion. Humor is often more comforting than drama and the Workaholics guys seem a lot more normal and relatable than crime scene solving uber intellectuals. Men’s fashion has been a wallflower in the fashion world for long enough, it might take a goofy Guy like Blake on an underrated show like Workaholics to have some attention brought away from the Female dominated fashion industry.
The nominated show has yet to win any awards but as the seasons roll on, solid positive reception continues to increase numbers of viewers, and the Workaholics style is canonized.

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