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Emergency Plans For Tornado

tornado siren

Emergency preparedness is a big deal wherever you live. There is a reason why cities and governments plan so well for disasters. They can knock out power and put whole areas in third world mode. You should learn what natural disasters that frequent your area. That way you can plan accordingly. Here are ways to prepare for a tornado. Many of these practices can be used for other issues, too.

Emergency Preparedness

Get the scoop on how to prepare specifically for your area on your city’s website. It should have a section devoted entirely to this. Make 72-hour kits for each member of your family, including the pets. You need to include food that will last for that long, important paperwork, such as birth certificates and passports and IDs, band aids, and a few more items that might come in handy if a disaster comes in which you have to leave the home or stay in in without going to the grocery store. It is also a good idea to keep extra food on hand as storage for when times get tough. Include amongst your canned goods a can opener. This can save your life. Have plan for whom to call in case a tornado comes through town. Make sure everyone in the family is set to call the same person out of state so that you can all check in to the right person without having the worry as much about overused phone lines.

Prepare The Roof

Make sure that your roof is good and strong. Check up on it once a year to see that it is stable and not weak in any places. Have an experienced roofer do this to save you the hassle, to be safer, and to catch any problems. It is much better to spend the money to put on a new lid that to have it all blow out in a windstorm and have to replace your goods. Roofing in Kansas City providers can come out and test your roof in order to properly secure it and hopefully limit the damage during a tornado storm.

Shut In The Windows

Some may think that it is better to leave the windows open in time of a tornado to relieve pressure build up by the wind. But in reality you should shut up and shut in the windows as much as you can. Do it yourself by buying plywood that fits your window, minus ¼ inch. This allows enough room for the clips to keep it in place. As the winds blow, the pressure should actually pull the plywood into a better reinforcing spot.

These are ways to prepare for an emergency like a tornado. Always set up a practiced plan and carry a radio with extra batteries in the home and baton down the hatches to stay safe and comfortable when the winds come howling.

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