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Earphones Buying Guide

When it comes to running, you want to have the best earphones to help you enjoy listening to your music, but to keep them from falling out. Nothing is as frustrating as earphones that always slip out of your ears when you are pounding the pavement. If you don’t like your current earphones, try our simple how to buy earphones buyers guide below!



There are several styles of earphones to choose from. Do you like earphones that go in the ear or over the ear? When running, earbuds tend to be the popular choice as they allow for the best sound possible. The different styles are all shaped differently to give you a secure connection to your ear. If you like earbuds, but they always slip out, look for earbuds that have a clip. The clip will go outside the ear to give you more stability in keeping the earphones in place. On the ear headphones don’t always give you the best option for running, but they are great if you are sitting around. They give you sound isolation, which is perfect on an airplane. Look into the noise-canceling headphones that block out all excess sound. These headphones allow you to listen to your favorite music at a decent level so you don’t have to crank the volume up high.



When looking into headphones, you need to look at the cost. If you are investing in a quality pair you can easily spend upwards of $100 or more for a great pair that will last. Check out the warranty on earphones to get the best deal. Several brands will repair or replace the earphones if there is a problem with them. There are even lifetime warranties on some of the top brands.



What are you planning to use the earphones for? If you want basic headphones for studying, you likely won’t need to go out and buy a pair that costs $100. However, if you are planning to keep them in your ears all the time, investing a little more into a quality pair is a good idea. Runners often find themselves buying multiple earbuds to have another set when they wear out one pair. Some of the other things to consider when looking at the features include:

  • Comfort. This is essential as earbuds can make your ears hurt. Try out a few styles until you find a brand that doesn’t hurt. Weight and comfort are important elements of quality earphones.
  • Bass. How loud can the earphones enhance your sound? You don’t want massive bass in earphones as your ears simply cannot stand that music beat. Look at the earphones that deliver quality sound without damaging your ears.
  • Durability. The worst is when you invest in headphones only to have them break in a week. Check out the top brands for durability so you aren’t buying new earphones each month!

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