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Don’t Sell Your Old Car, Donate It!

So you have an old car sitting in your garage or driveway collecting dust. I’m sure at one point you were considering selling the vehicle but now as you look at it, you are probably realizing that it isn’t worth very much. Instead of going through the hassle of trying to sell the vehicle why don’t you donate it! Vets Vehicles sells cars that individuals such as yourself donated to them through retail, wholesale and even recycling channels so they can get the most money to support their charities. What a great feeling to know that your donation is helping others less fortunate than yourself. Another reason why you should donate an old car to Vets Vehicles is that you can trust them. They have been working in the vehicle donation business since the year 2001 and have successfully donated over $20 million dollars to charities. They know what they are doing so you can have peace of mind that your donation is going to a good cause. In this day and age it is so hard to know whom to trust, and that your good intentions really are going through the right channels. No need to worry with Vets Vehicles. Ever heard of the popular expression within the business world that time is money? The company adheres to this mantra and believes that your time is valuable. Instead of spending more time on the old car by trying to list it on the internet, and having people contact you asking questions or wanting test drives, let Vets Vehicles do the work and make donating the car to them easy as they take care of the whole process saving you time. The extra time that you are saving can be used on other tasks in your busy lives, or dare I say time to yourself to relax and breathe! Another reason to donate your car to Vets Vehicles rather than trying to sell it is their customer service mantra. They want repeat business so they will strive to make sure as a donating individual that you are satisfied with the experience. Let them know your feedback and they will work hard to make things right for you. Making a charitable donation is something that makes you feel warm inside so why shouldn’t the whole process feel like that? Sometimes people or companies aren’t altogether clear in what they expect from you and as the process continues you find unexpected things come up. This won’t happen if you choose to donate your vehicle through Vets Vehicles. They pride themselves on being transparent and publish their average fees and costs so you as the donor know beforehand what to expect. Feel free to ask them questions before you choose to donate and they can even give you a rough estimate of what they feel your car would sell for. I think the most overlooked reason of donating an old car is the satisfaction that you as an individual will receive. By choosing to donate your old vehicle rather than simply selling it for a small amount you could put into your savings account, you are helping those who are less fortunate than yourself.

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