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DIY trend: is it here to stay?

DIY trend: is it here to stay?

With the recent Pinterest frenzy, DIY projects are easier than ever to come by. Pictures of the perfect hand quilted blanket or hand made wreath grace the “to-do” list on our boards. We see our friends posting pictures of their most recent project, which has, of course, turned out perfectly. Naturally, we buy the materials thinking we can create the same perfect craft. However, at least in my case, it ends up looking like a piece of junk or something that would look best in my grandmother’s home.

Do it yourself weddings are all the rage right now, as they invoke the vintage and rustic feel that every bride seems to adore. However, I can usually tell when the bride found her centerpieces on Pinterest and tried to replicate them. Now, I’m all for cutting costs and hand making crafts. I think it’s great. I just think it isn’t as great when your entire house is covered in these cutesy crafts that look like something you found at a garage sale.

So is this trend here to stay? It’s hard to say really. Crafting will always be around, how else would stay at home mom’s keep themselves entertained? Just kidding, but really those moms that are creative and cost-effective will always be finding new and fun ways to decorate their homes. Pinterest has just made those of us without those same talents think that we can do the same. Maybe sometime in the future we will give up, or we will just keep trying again and again until we make that perfect wreath to display on our front door.

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