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Cool Franchises you May Not Have Heard of

Each year, over 8000 individuals in American turn 65 years old. The population of seniors will increase by 49 million by the end of the year. The number of seniors should be close to 72 million by 2025. Although these number are astounding, most businesses benefit from these statistics because of the business opportunities.

Increased health care costs, Medicare cutbacks, and health-care reform, are affecting the home health care industry. Nursing homes offer benefits for seniors; however, most individuals would rather stay in their own homes. When seniors use nursing home services, they have to pay for the services; they also have to pay for assisted living bills involving usage of the facilities. Medicare and Medicaid may not cover the costs of these services most of the time; if they chose to cover the costs, they will only pay a partial payment. This is why many people shop around to find a good home healthcare franchise.

Home health franchises are growing each year. Various companies provide different services to seniors, such as shopping services, companion services, medical assistance, and nurse care. Most franchises have been in business for five years or less.

There are tons of health care franchises, and one company does not have all the market share; there is enough space for new franchises to enter the market. Companies can have mergers and acquisitions can be gained. When home health care franchise their businesses, they gain brand recognition. Senior respect health care franchises that have well-known brands; seniors also trust these types of companies.

First Light Home Care is a health care franchise that started in March 2010. The company has 29 franchise location; the franchises are located in 16 states. First Light Care only offers services to seniors at home. The company plans to build 45 more franchises a year during the next few years.

Another company that has had success is called Naulilus Senior Home Care. The company has grown greatly over the last 10 years. Naulilus Senior Home Care has gained the interest of many people.

Overall, home care is generally cheaper, and seniors get services that are more personalized. When a senior stays at a nursing home, the average cost is about 116,800 dollars. A senior that stays in an assisted living facility will pay 60,00 dollars a year. This is why franchises, such as First Light Home Care and Naulilus Senior Home Care are the better options. Although the average cost of staying at a nursing home includes room and board, meals, and care during all hours, at home health care service is still better for seniors.

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