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Common Home Maintenance Issues

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Part of homeownership is understanding of new responsibility you have taken on; the responsibility to upkeep and maintain areas both inside and outside of your home.  A home that is routinely maintained will not only retain or increase in value, but be a much more inviting place to live and call home.  Here are some important areas around your home and the maintenance that should be performed:

  • One of the most common repairs or changes you will make in your home (probably more than once) is the paint.  From changing paint colors to having to re-paint because of chips or scratches learning how to paint is one of the easiest home maintenance skills you can learn as well as save you money long term by allowing you to do-it-yourself instead of hiring a painter.
  • Leaky faucets and clogged drains are the most common plumbing issues you will face in your home.  Every homeowner experiences the frustration over a clogged drain or dripping faucet.  Learning how to routinely maintain your drains using homemade or commercial cleaners will help to reduce the occurrences of clogged drains, but won’t eliminate them.  Dripping faucets are not only an annoyance, but end up wasting water and increasing your utility costs.  Learning how to replace a washer or an entire faucet can be easily done by the average homeowner.  By simply learning how to take care of these two maintenance concerns in your home you’ll be able to repair problems quicker and save more money.
  • Take care of the various appliances throughout your home.  These appliances include not only your kitchen and laundry room, but those in the utility room as well.  From refrigerator repair West Palm Beach to furnace maintenance there are many things you can do to ensure that your appliances have a longer lifespan and operate more efficiently.  Begin by routinely changing filters.  The air filter in your furnace, water filters in refrigerators, and lint filters in dryers.  Check connections routinely.  From water and drain connections to electoral and gas connections, making sure they are all tight and not leaking will save on energy costs as well as ensure your family’s safety.
  • Other areas of your home that are common to need home maintenance and repairs include floors and attics.  Have you started hearing noises as you walk from room to room?  These squeaking sounds are often coming from loose floor boards and can be repaired with a new screw or nail in the area.
  • Finally, make it a part of your routine to inspect areas of your home that go unseen.  Watch for cracks in walls, ceilings, and foundations that could indicate a much larger problem.  Look for signs of leaks or moisture that need to be dealt with; and watch for signs of pest infiltration.  If you are doing routine inspections you’ll find problems when they are still small.

Learning to care for and perform common maintenance to the areas of your home will help you catch problems as they begin, help you save money, and value the home you have.

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