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Claridge White Boards

Whiteboards are useful tools especially when you have a large project that requires planning. They assist in getting your thoughts out so that you can easily put them in the required order. In essence they give structure so that goals and objectives are easily met.

Individual preference often determines the type of board that will be purchased. However, to meet both the writing and attachment needs, the ideal board is one that has a magnetic surface. This limits the rise of pieces of paper cluttering the desktop.

These magnetic boards offer the user a chance to write on the surface while at the same time attaching other notes. This is great in assisting in the process of thought organization. Fortunately acquisition of whiteboards is one that can be done online, such as purchasing claridge white boards online.

An urgent project might be the reason that an individual decides to acquire these white boards. To ensure that you are not left waiting for the arrival of your board, it best to organize yourself prior to making the purchase.


Knowing the size of board that will be adequate enough to meet your needs is crucial. The last thing you would want is to have a board that was too small therefore not fit for purpose. Companies use different sizing units and it is in your interested to understand them. You should measure out the space that the board will occupy using the different sizes. This assures customers the claridge white boards purchased online are suited to individual preference and requirement.

You can further assist the process by using masking tape to create a visual of the size. Not everyone can easily know how certain 2D measurements can be applied in a 3D environment. Without this, you may end up spending money on a product that will leave you feeling frustrated. Having to deal with returns and the stresses of deadlines can be a distressing combination. As the adage goes’ measure twice cut once.’

Delivery times

Depending on location delivery times often vary dramatically from one online merchant to another. Make sure you know truly know what time your product will be delivered and if alternative delivery options are also available. The latter is important in the instances where you might be at work and cannot be available to receive a home delivery.

A company that is flexible in delivery address can prove beneficial in this instance. If you are unsure then you should talk to the company prior to making your purchase. Expecting a delivery and not receiving it on time can cause unwanted upheaval to your daily routine.

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