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A Deck Anyone Could Love

You see all sort of porch decks out there that have been obviously built fast with little creativity and poorly utilized space. Many people want their home to be visually stunning but just don’t have the time. There are a number of things a person could do to spruce up the porch they already have or add on small items that take only moments. A beautiful deck doesn’t have to take an age to build. I think the kind of patio designs that stick out the most are the ones that folks put a little of their own individual taste into. Try not conforming your deck into what everyone else’s in the neighborhood looks like. If you’re from San Antonio and now you live in Denver, throw a little Texas roots into the mix. Something that tells everyone that there’s just something different about your house.

As a kid, I grew up in North Idaho and there’s pine trees everywhere. I thought that when I leave I never want to see another one of these trees again, not so much as a pinecone! Later down the road, when I rented my first apartment, on Arbor day I was given a little baby pine tree and was asked to help preserve our world’s trees. It’s funny because even though I remembered saying that I hate pine trees, I actually wanted to plant the little guy. I couldn’t find a better place to start then in a pot right on my front porch. I had it there until I moved almost a year later. Nearly every time I saw that vertically challenges seedling, feelings of what Idaho used to be like would flash through me.

Another thing about patios that you can’t go wrong with is stability and durability. People like to know they’re safe from slipping, falling, or breaking anything on your porch. So if you want to build, it doesn’t hurt finding out what the best “nuts and bolts” are for your project. Have a plan. Before you start building, tearing, or having someone else do it for you, it’s always best to have the details prepared and to know what sort of a project you’re working with.
On another note, it wouldn’t hurt to include ideas from your family and friends either. But I would only consider the ideas of those who will have to see the thing all the time! Good luck with your “new” patio.

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