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5 Reasons To Use Home Health Care


The National Association for Home Care and Hospice reports that there are approximately twelve million people receiving home care today. Home health care services Richmond provides excellent care while easing the minds of family members who do not want to admit their loved ones into a nursing home to recover from an illness, or to reside there the rest of their lives. Here are five reasons a licensed home care agency is beneficial.

Professional screening: health care agencies conduct background checks on every potential employee. Only those who qualify may have access to individuals who are incapable of normal life. These agencies take finger prints, and ensure the professionalism of its employees. Home care agencies are licensed, bonded and insured.

Training: home health care services Richmond, sends out trained individuals who treat their clients with respect. These providers are able to assist with everyday life. From, doing house work, cooking, laundry, personal bathing and changing. They keep medical appointments, and administer medications all, while keeping the dignity and health of their patients at top priority. These professionals bring the latest advances of care through continued education, into the home.

Providing clients control over their care: when one is admitted to a nursing home; they are provided with managed care that dictates one’s every move. This type of care, can cause depression, and prolongs illness due to lack of control over one’s life. By hiring a home health care, the client retains control over their lives by being able to make discussions related to their care and household. Their dignity is maintained throughout; giving them the power of changing attendants at any time for any reason. Receiving home care raises the self-esteem of sick individuals and contributes to faster recovery.

Removing stress and concern from clients and their family: life is hectic these days; most families are busy with work, school, or their children’s activities. Caring for a family member interferes with many of life’s obligations. Professional home care gives the client freedom from being a burden to their family. A home care agency is a perfect solution for everyone involved. The client receives excellent care, while family members are able to stay in contact with the attendant at all times.

Patient rights: when selecting a Medicare-approved home health care organization the Department of Health and Human Services reports that one is entitled to certain patient rights. By providing a copy of one’s care; outlining the services delivered insures those rights are carried out. The guarantee that the agency’s staff treats one’s personal property with respect is protected by being able to report any mistreatment to a government agency. One also has the right to be represented by a family member or guardian.

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