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Great Accessories for Your Phone

Let’s face the facts, cell phones are expensive especially if you don’t want to get tied into a contract with a cell phone provider. Yet we all tend to need a cell phone for the convenience that it provides to us on a daily basis whether that be personal or business related. That being said, […]

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3 Reasons Why You Should Go to Graduate School

The decision to join graduate school is one you would rather not make hastily. It should come after a lot of thinking and consideration. Graduate school programs are quite rigorous. You will have to do away with your social life. There will be little time for anything else other than studying. Evaluate your needs, goals […]

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Finding Help With Stocks

Many people read all of the success stories that go along with the stock market. They hear about fame and fortune falling into laps and folks becoming overnight successes. It’s so easy, right? All you do is throw enough money at the magic stocks and then suddenly you’ll have a huge payoff waiting for you. […]

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Tips for Impressing a First Date

First impressions matter. This is especially the case when meeting a date for the first time. Everything you do– from your looks, mannerisms and everything you say– will have an effect on whether or not that first date will likely lead to a second. How does one go about impressing their first date? Let’s cover […]

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